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Our story

SIEMOVIE is a small company founded by people, who are both specialists and enthusiasts of video production. It started with two brothers – Przemek and Maciek Siemaszko. Their last name combined with MOVIE gave SIEMOVIE as a company’s name. Przemek is the best sales manager and he is responsible for contacts with our Clients. He also does all the production-connected works. In his free time he enjoys his adventures in Africa. He’s been to the continent many times, but, as he claims, there’s still a lot to explore. 

Maciek is our main camera operator with several years of experience. Yet during his studies he started working in the biggest private news tv channel in Poland. After graduation as Master of Arts he continued this cooperation and developed as one of the best cameraman and drone operators in the country. 

He is constantly evolving. He loves video editing and follows new trends in the area. What’s more, he lives a very active lifestyle which can be also helpful in work.He is a cameraman for special tasks. He can take beatuful shots at any conditions. For instance at K2 base camp, during multi-pitch climbing or even while sitting on old oaks with arborists. There are no circumstances he couldn’t work in. He just loves it 🙂 He is also a travel-lover and he has built his own 4×4 campervan to discover the wildest corners of the world. 


After 3 years of cooperation the team was expanded with Gabi, who supports guys both in production- and filming-works. She gathered her experience working in the leading tv station and she transfers many solutions and ideas from tv to SIEMOVIE’s work. She also manages movie plan, which gives her a lot of joy.

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